Who are we?

Organic Grain Exchange is the online platform to buy and sell organic commodities. We strive to promote sustainable, organic agriculture by providing the only platform that creates transparency while also solving market inefficiencies. Our mission is to provide hassle-free exposure to the best organically produced commodities.

What do we do?

Organic Grain Exchange unites buyers and sellers. Producers can list their products to sell to a multitude of buyers that were previously unavailable to them. Additionally, potential buyers can use Organic Grain Exchange to fulfill all of their organic needs.

Why use Organic Grain Exchange?

Selling your organic commodities is difficult and inefficient. By listing on Organic Grain Exchange, sellers will be able to market these commodities at their desired price.

For buyers, locating organic commodities in today’s market is an unnecessary hardship. Organic Grain Exchange helps buyers by providing an easy to use organic commodities exchange at every computer.

With Organic Grain Exchange, we can reduce waste, become better stewards of the land, increase food stability, and help restore the environment for generations to come. The future of organic trading is here. Organic Grain Exchange: Buy Organic. Sell Organic. Live Organic.

The Partners

Zach Kirven was raised on a farm in Knox County, Illinois. After graduating from Knox College with a degree in economics in 2009, he became the sixth generation to work the family farm. The farm currently encompasses 2,300 acres on which corn, soybeans, and alfalfa is raised. He also manages a cattle herd of 250 angus and angus crossbred beef cows. He brings an extensive knowledge base to the company, with well over 100 years of farming background to draw from. Zach states, “I became interested in organic production after meeting a local organic grower. Under his tutelage, I became aware of the benefits as well as the challenges of organic production. It soon became evident that there were inefficiencies in the market that could be resolved through an online platform connecting producers and buyers.” In his free time, Zach plays golf competitively, and enjoys fishing on the Spoon River.

Jordan Kennelly is proud to be a part of Organic Grain Exchange. Jordan graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 2009, with a double major in Sociology and Spanish. At Notre Dame, he developed an interest in entrepreneurship, sustainable economics, and green business. Upon graduation, Jordan accepted a scholarship to attend the University of Michigan Law School, and graduated in 2012. At Michigan Law, Jordan participated in the Environmental Law Clinic and also honed his interest in environmental law and policy, financial regulation, and banking law. Immediately after law school, Jordan spent a term as a law clerk in federal court. After his clerkship and a stint in New York City, Jordan moved back to Illinois and helped Organic Grain Exchange get on its feet. When he is not working towards developing Organic Grain Exchange, Jordan enjoys watching Notre Dame football, playing along with Jeopardy, and attempting to become a good golfer.

It is a proud moment for Russell Coon to introduce himself as an active partner of Organic Grain Exchange. Russell has lived his entire life in Knox County, Illinois, where agriculture drives the culture. He has participated in agricultural activities for the past 15 years, from bailing hay to tilling the fields to organic gardening, Russ has done it all. Russell graduated from Knox College with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and currently works as a Quality Engineer at Gates Rubber Corporation. He is excited to apply his Quality Management Systems knowledge to Organic Grain Exchange’s business model. Russell possesses a cross functional skill set that will be pivotal in growing Organic Grain Exchange. Russell believes Organic Grain Exchange will be the pioneering company that will lead the organic food industry from traditional brick and mortars to efficient, streamlined e-commerce. Russell has a love for bird hunting and a true appreciation for the outdoors.

ORGANIC GRAIN EXCHANGE would like to give a special thanks to Matt Hanson. His insight has been inspirational in Organic Grain Exchange’s vision to create an organic world.